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Net Beaded Snood in Burgundy with 6mm Pearls

Lady MacSnood's Hair Accessories are all hand made and take time to make.  Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery of snoods and hair sticks.  If you need something quickly please call my toll free number 1-888-532-3304 to check on availability of in stock items that are already made. Anything that needs to be made will take longer. 

Snood by definition:

snood\'snud\n -s [fr. (assumed) ME, fr. OE snod; akin to Old Gutnish snoth cord, OIr snath thread, OE noedl needle - more at NEEDLE] 1 a Scot: a fillet or band for the hair of a woman b : a net or fabric bag for confining a woman's hair pinned or tied at the back of the head and sometimes attached to the back edge of a hat.

snood (snood), n. (.<.AS. snod), a netlike bag worn at the back of a woman's head to hold the hair.

snood (snood) n. 1. A small netlike cap worn by women to keep the hair in place. 2. A headband or filet. -tr. v.

Cinderella Snood in Gold/Gold Thread Net Beaded Snood in White/Pearl with 6mm Pearls Royal Blue/Silver Beaded Snood with Silver Beads

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