Bun Size: Beaded

Bun Size are baically covers for a bun. The ones on this page are made using either all cotton thread or metallic combination thread with beads added to the cover. These are tightened by using the elastic cord woven in the last row but will still need hair pins or hair sticks to keep in place since it is placed over a bun instead of worn on the head like a regular snood. Price will vary depending on size of cover and material used. Please specify when ordering if you need standard or longer length as well as color and choice of material.

If you wish to use PayPal to order your items be sure to include a note with your order as to what color of thread you want. There will be a box when you go to check out through the PayPal shopping cart for you to enter "special instructions" and you can enter you color choices there. If you do not wish to use PayPal you can use the
Contact Lady MacSnood/Order form to place your order instead.

Regular size red/silver metallic combination bun cover with silver beads on every other row.-$12.50
Worn with one wooden hair stick-$6.00

Get both for $18.50.

Click here to see examples of hair sticks available.

Teal cotton with silver beads on every row.-$12.50
Worn with 2 wooden hair sticks-$10 for both sticks
(beads on sticks may vary in style and size but color can be specified)
$22.50 to get both sticks and the bun cover.

Regular Size bun cover in Pink cotton with Silver beads on every row.-$12.50

Watch this space for more examples coming soon.

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