Bun Size

Bun Size are basically covers for a bun. These are tightened by using the elastic cord woven in the last row but will still need hair pins or hair sticks to keep in place since it is placed over a bun instead of worn on the head like a regular snood. The one worn in the first picture is a little larger than normal because of the hip length hair of the model which required a larger bun size. Please specify when ordering if you need standard or longer length. Prices are based on size of bun cover as well as material used.

I have had some middle ages re-enactors order two matching bun size snoods to wear over two buns placed on the side of the head Princess Leia style. This is a middle ages style which I have seen in pictures from the Renaissance era as well as earlier periods and can be ordered in any of the bun styles offered. These bun sized snoods will go great with your middle ages and renaissance era costumes and re-enactor garb as well as in your daily lives. Thinking of adding some flare to your family photos? Imagine medieval themed photo birth announcements or Christmas cards!

If you wish to use PayPal to order your items be sure to include a note with your order as to what color of thread you want. There will be a box when you go to check out through the PayPal shopping cart for you to enter "special instructions" and you can enter you color choices there. If you do not wish to use PayPal you can use the
Contact Lady MacSnood/Order form to place your order instead.

Regular Bun Cover standard pattern in Burgundy cotton-$7.50. 

Regular Bun Cover standard pattern in White cotton-$7.50

Multi Pastel Variegated Bun Cover-Regular Size-$7.50

 Purple Variegated Bun Cover-Regular Size-$7.50

Light Green Variegated Bun Cover-Regular Size-$7.50

Color Choice

Regular Size Bun Cover: $7.50 

Large Bun Cover in the standard pattern in white cotton-$10.00.

Color Choice

 Large Cotton Bun Cover:  $10.00

Large Bun Cover in White/Green Metallic Combination Thread.-$12.50

Color Choice

Large Size Cotton/Metallic Combination Bun Cover $12.50


Color Choice

Large Size All Metallic Bun Cover: $15.00

Net Pattern Bun Cover in Gold/Gold Metallic Combination Thread.- $12.50 

Color Choice

Net Pattern Bun Cover: $12.50

This is my version of the bun covers worn on both sides of the head in the new Star Wars Movie Part II. To see a picture of the outfit worn in the movie: Click Here. The bun covers pictured here are slightly larger than the regular bun covers done in a small Net pattern. 

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