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Standard Pattern Snoods

American Express/ Visa / MasterCard / Discover Card welcome here!

Lady MacSnoods Hair Accessories are all hand made and take time to make. Due to possible high volume of orders that may need to be made please allow 2-6 weeks for delivery. You will receive an email confirmation of your order with estimated time of delivery when your order is placed. If you do not receive an email within 48 hours please check to make sure it wasn't blocked by a spam catcher. 

If you need something quickly please call my toll free number 1-888-532-3304 to check on availability of in stock items that are already made. 

My shopping cart is via PayPal or in some cases my Square Store. If you do not wish to use PayPal you may call my toll free number to place your order instead or go directly to my secure Square Store which is a newer more modern website we are working with while our upgrade is in progress. I do not have everything listed there yet but you can find a lot of my basic items. We are in the process of upgrading to a newer website but these are my options available in the meantime.

Non-US orders MUST email me for shipping charges since the cart can only figure US shipping charges. All customs charges are the responsibility of the buyer.

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STandard Pattern Snood

Standard Pattern:

Regular Cotton Thread

Color Shade Variations

Standard Pattern:

Two or more colors

Center Color
Middle Color
Outer- Edge Color
Color Shade Variations

Standard Pattern-Metallic Combination Thread

Standard Pattern:

Metallic/Pearl Combination thread

Colors-Only Pick one
More Colors
Final Colors-Only one out of 3 menus

Chenille Fabric Snood

Chenille Snoods

Chenille Snoods


$25 See Page for cart buttons

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General Information
Time to delivery of your order will vary depending on style ordered. I do keep an inventory of the more popular styles and colors for immediate shipping but their availability will vary depending on recent demand. Please allow from 2-6 weeks for your order to be shipped if it needs to be made with longer time for larger quantity orders. I will give you an approximate ship date at the time of your order.

All sales are check/credit card/money order in advance. IL residents add 7.50% sales tax. See chart below for shipping charges. If you already know exactly what you want you may send payment (please do not send cash through the mail) to Sara Dunham at P.O. Box 123, Harristown, Illinois 62537. If you would like to discuss color choices, style, etc. or use your credit card you may call me at 1-888-532-3304 or email me here. I check my email every couple of days so you can be assured of a quick response.  Please call or request a call for direct credit card usage. The shopping cart currently goes through PayPal. Non-US orders MUST email me for shipping charges since the cart can only figure US shipping charges. All customs charges are the responsibility of the buyer.

Shipping Charges: All orders are shipped via insured Priority Mail unless a different method is requested. Prices will be different if using some other shipping service such as UPS & FedEx. If you wish to use these shippers please email me for a price quote.

Shipping costs for snoods.

$0-$50- Add $7.50 for shipping and handling
$51-$100-Add $8.50 for shipping and handling
$101-$199: Add $9.50 for shipping and handling
$200-$299: Add $11.50 for shipping and handling.
$350+:  Email or call for exact rate.

Federal Express overnight shipping is also available upon request.

Garb and Hats will be a different rate depending on weight of box.

Illinois residents add 7.50% sales tax to order. 

Email Lady MacSnood to check on shipping costs for orders outside of U.S.
Any custom charges to be paid by buyer on their end. 

Color Chart

These are a few of the colors available, but if you don't see your colors, just ask. I may be able to find unusual or special colors.

Blue, Most shades
Dark Gray
Green, Most shades
Pink, Dark Pink, Mauve and Lt., Mauve
Purple, Dark and Lavender
Yellow, Most shades
Several shades of Variegated color combinations-email for available colors.

See the Metallic/Pearl Combination thread page for the color choices available in this style.

Basically, if I can find the right size thread in the desired color I can make a snood in that color. If you have something you need to match it helps to send me a cloth swatch so I can get as close to the desired color as possible.

Beads are available in several choices of color, size & styles. The most commonly used are 4mm silver, gold or pearl. These are also available in 8mm. Seed beads are available in a variety of colors in either small or large. Beads may be strung on every row or every other row depending on preference and size of bead.

Snood Laundering Instructions
Snoods made with metallic thread or beads: Hand wash or spot wash as needed, Air dry
Snoods of All-Cotton Construction: Machine Wash on Delicate, Air Dry


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