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Comments from Satisfied Customers


I just had to write to let you know that I absolutely love them! They are so lovely and light, they feel like nothing on my head. I definitely plan to order several more, one in mardigra colors and another in a chocolate brown and other colors as well. Because I had worn smaller, machine-made versions in the past, they were very easy to put on and tie and I will never go back to the machine worked caps again! Thank you so much for sending me these exquisite snoods. . .
Diane from St. Louis

Recently I ordered a custom snood from Lady MacSnood and was astounded at the quality of craftsmanship. To say that I am happy with my product is a tragic understatement. All materials used in the creation of  my miraculous headgear were top notch and looked authentic enough to be worn at a Renaissance Faire, or classy enough to sport in every day modern activity (I am thinking eveningwear)! I was giddy when I put the headgear on and it kept my mood up all throughout the day!   Your creation made me feel like a lady - timeless in beauty. I shall recommend your service to all my friends. MUCH thanks. 

I just wanted to let you know the I received my snoods and they are fabulous!! I recently cut my hair very short so I was worried about how it would look in the snood but in the brochure you included it said it should look just as good as it would have if I hadn't cut my hair and you were right. It's great!! Thanks so much!!
~Julie from Arkansas

I received the gorgeous snood yesterday.  I am thrilled with the quality of your craftsmanship!  I started wearing it today and have already received so many compliments.  I have not seen anyone in Sydney wearing a snood, so let’s hope that I may start a snood trend in Australia , and that you receive lots of orders from Down Under!  In today’s world, where so much is mass-produced by machines, it is wonderful to see that people like yourself are keeping up the tradition of handmade, fine crafts.  I will definitely be referring friends to your website, and am already planning to order some more!  Thank you also for the speedy delivery, it only took 3 business days from Illinois to Sydney
Many thanks and warm regards,
Christina  from Australia

I just wanted to let you know I got the snoods today.  I love, love, love them.  They are definitely officially the best thing I have invested in for my wedding and I cannot thank you enough.  I had my maid of honor try on the whole renaissance outfit with her snood today and it could not be more stunning, and honestly it would not be as such without your excellent craftsmanship.  J   I will be sure to send you a picture of the girls in their snoods.  Again... Thank you, thank you!
Crystal from Maryland

I have wanted one of your snoods for a long time… but finally, I was able to order a snood a few weeks back.  It arrived this week and I must tell you I am THRILLED with it.  It is the most beautiful snood I have ever owned.  Thank you for such fine workmanship and such a lovely hairpiece.  I was in the grocery store today and a local business woman I often see walked up to me and said, “I just love your snood!  It is so lovely – snoods are great hair pieces.” I told her all about your web site and products. 

I hope to do business with you again.  I know how much time and effort go into snood making – I have tried it with no success yet.  I’d love to have more, so I’ll keep planning for that in the future. Thank you again.
Gayle from Michigan

Hello, my name is Samantha and my grandma recently bought me a hat from your website and I just wanted to say I am amazed at the quality and the extremely reasonable prices!  I get to the Renaissance Festival a few times a year and had a pirate costume made this year, and all my friends agreed it would look much better with a hat, so I began looking for a hat.  Everything I found was over a hundred dollars!  It was unthinkable to pay such a large sum for something I would wear so few times.  I was then told about your hats and was very pleased at the price, but worried about quality.  When I received the hat the quality was outstanding!  It is a sturdy hat that, I was also pleased to discover, I could bend and shape!  Now if I change my costume, which I do at least once every two years, I can changed and shape the hat to work with my new costume.  I just can't express how happy I am with the price and quality!  Poor costume freaks like myself thank you! I will be sure to tell all my friends about your great hats!  Thank you!!

Samantha from Michigan

First, let me preface this by saying I've been wearing my snood for about a month now. 
 I receive constant compliments on it.... 
It's great because my hair is almost able to be tied back, but its still a

bit short, and if I don't have time in the morning I can avoid the dreaded
"afro" and actually look like I have my hair under control.  I can't stand
short hair. 
However, after much research, I found out that snoods were also worn by men
during (if I got this correct) the renaissance.  So please, I implore you,
don't just market this to girls.  Snoods for dudes! we'd wear snoods too!
Matthew from New York

Just thought I'd let you know, received the hair sticks I had ordered on Friday. Wow I'm impressed, so lovely, actually better than I'd imagined, they are so delicate (yet survived our silly postman forcing them through the letterbox) & go through my hair really well. I'm really pleased, yet almost don't want o use them they are so lovely. There is no where in the UK that sells such items as far as I can see. I did manage to get some hair sticks from Claire's Accessories a couple of years ago but they have none now and anyway they are not a patch on yours. I may well be back for a snood as I'm intrigued. I wish we had Renaissance Faires here!! 

Siobhбn in England, UK

I received my snood yesterday and am very happy with
it. Thank you so much for your prompt service and
beautiful handiwork. Surprisingly, my husband took an
interest in the snood -- he said it looked very
elegant and suggested that I buy a bunch of different
colors to match my wardrobe. I may indeed do that in
the coming months. Thanks again. I look forward to
ordering from you in the future.
Leanne from Germany

I just received my order. I have the white bun cover on now with the
hair sticks. I love it. Thank you so much. I will try the snood tomorrow.
I am very impressed with your craftsmanship. I'll be back for more. My 7 yr.
old just walked in and said "Wow! that (my bun cover) is really pretty." You
have something if a 7 yr. old boy likes them. :-)
Rebecca from Indiana

Dear Lady MacSnood,
Your work is awesome!
I would've written you sooner, but I've
been too busy admiring my new snoods.
They are the prettiest things I own,
and I feel very regal wearing them.
Thank you so much.
Tamara from California

Received my snood in today's mail.
I love it!! It will be perfect with my civil war era ball gown!
Thanks so much!
Penny from Colorado

Dear Ms. Dunham I wanted to let you know the last two snoods you made for me arrived in the mail. I am very happy with the patterns and the colors!!!
Thank you for being so thoughtful. Your handiwork is absolutely beautiful!!!
Thank you for the business card I will keep it handy.
Sincerely, Sharon from Nebraska

Sorry to be so long in getting back to you. The snood I ordered for my wife
arrived, and it is just LOVELY. Thank you so much for presenting such a
quality product.
George from Oklahoma

I ordered a black cotton snood from you to be shipped
to Germany, and I received it about a month or two
ago-- I just wanted to say that it is really
wonderful! I get lots of compliments on it at the
medieval festivals here, and even my picky boyfriend
likes it immensely. Keep up the good work! :)
Julie from Germany

It arrived, I tried it on immediately and I love it. It doesn't match my
hair color but it looks beautiful all the same as it goes well with my hair
color. I like that it's expandable as I had to let the elastic almost all
the way out to hang it on my big head with my big hair. I can see I'm going
to be wearing it a lot so, expect to hear from me again (and I imagine
there'll be referrals when my friends see it.)
It's truly lovely and much appreciated. Thank you for your artistic labor.
Cathy from California

Hi! My snoods arrived this week and they are perfect. I'm really excited
about wearing them. Thank you for sending them in such a timely manner.
Very professional. It was a pleasure ordering from you.
Gail from Texas

Received the two beautiful snoods you made for me. My husband says they
look lovely on me and he encouraged me to buy more!!
Anne from Texas

Just to let you know that I am in receipt of the MOST BEAUTIFUL snood upon which mine eyes have ever feasted. It is wonderful!
I will be sure and tell anyone who inquires where they may also obtain their snoods.
Lady Tess, the Baroness Truehart
Tess from Arizona

They arrived today and are they beautiful. As he said in "Amadeus" "Why I can't I have three heads?" - I want to wear them all at once! The brown one is like a crown and looks great with my medieval templars (can you believe someone actually making those?). The green one is positively elegant with the black and tartan 1860's ball gown and the ivory is delectable. Thanks so much for your artistry and I am already looking for more garb that needs snoods.
Theresa from California

Just got the snood, today. I Love It! The color is great. The beads are great. I like the way it looks. I love everything about it.
Everyone at church has been asking if I have received it. They are anxious to see it. I will order again.
Patty from Indiana,


The snoods were wonderful. They were beautiful.
Teddi from West Virginia
(Daughter pictured above wearing her snood)

oh, my God, it's bloody gorgeous!!!!

wow!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

Christine from Michigan

Just wanted to let you know that I received my snoods today, and they are
just lovely. I can't wait to start using them. I'm going to try and save
one for Easter. All of the information that you included.....such as laundering instructions, and a short bio about yourself and your company was an added bonus.
Harriet from New York

I GOT IT! And it is beautiful
I just love it, its just what I needed.
I have three girls and a church member who want one,
so I will be sending in for more real soon
Vanessa from Virginia

I received my snood and it's just wonderful! Your work is admirable.
And after reading the wearing instructions I'm admirable in it. ;-)
Thanks very much! I can hardly wait till my next event!
Jill from Washington

I got my black/metallic/silver beaded snood today! I love it.
But of course now I crave yet another. :-)
Thanks for your help, and your wonderful handwork!
Kiera from Oregon

I received the black snood with pearls just in time for the wedding and I
have to say that everyone loved it and I think you did a wonderful job.
It was perfect with the dress and I received many compliments. I thought you
might like to see a picture.
With much thanks,
Marianne from New Jersey wearing her black snood with pearls on every other row.

Hi! I received the snood this last weekend. You did a fabulous job with
it. I am very pleased. Thanks again for doing such a great job. Sincerely,
Susan from Utah

I just wanted to thank you for such a beautiful snood. When I got home
last night I rushed in to rip open the envelope with my snood in it.
After taking several attempts to size it correctly, I finally got it. I
love it, it stays put with no pins. The wheat pattern is so beautiful,
and the color is perfect.
Kim from Florida


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