Fancy Snoods

Fancy snoods are made from regular crochet cotton using fancier patterns than the standard plain snood.
They can also be made using the metallic combination thread.

All snoods on this page are $25 plus shipping & handling.

Open Weave Pattern in Basic Green

Pine pattern in Navy

Bell Pattern Fancy Snood in yellow cotton.

Lacy Bouquet Fancy Snood in hunter green.

Lacy II Pattern in Burgundy.


Pinwheel Fancy Snood in Burgundy and Green.


Wheat Clusters Fancy Snood in Ecru (1st Picture) and Black (2nd Picture).

Simplicity Pattern in Ecru.

Amara who is a dancer sent me this beautiful picture of her wearing a Net snood


Back View of Net Snood in White.

Side view of Net snood in Navy Blue.

For other pattern examples see the metallic combination fancy page

If you wish to use PayPal to order your items simply click the link below. Be sure to include a note in the box provided titled Color Choice as to what color of thread you want as well as using the drop down menu to pick your pattern choice. The last 4 choices listed are not located on this page. To see these patterns use the Next Page link located below to take you to other pages where you can view the last 4 patterns. There will also be a box when you go to check out through the PayPal shopping cart for you to enter "special instructions" if you need to give me more information. If you do not wish to use PayPal you can use the Contact Lady MacSnood/Order form to place your order instead.

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