Bone Beaded Hair Sticks

Hair sticks are great for using with a bun size snood or just by themselves. The hair sticks are made using various colored beads with smooth bone sticks. The sticks are imported from India with all the beadwork being done by Lady MacSnood. Bead size and style varies depending on what is currently available but you may specify color of beads along with color and type of stick when ordering. If you use the PayPal shopping cart to order simply list your color choices in the "special instructions" box when you check out. Sticks may be purchased individually or in pairs.

Bone hair sticks are $8.50 each or 2 for $15.00.

Bone hair sticks in dark or white color with your choice of color for beads.

Please note: White sticks are currently unavailable from my supplier. I have just a few of these left in stock so please email me first before ordering to find out what color of beads are available in the white bone. You may order any color in black bone since I can still make those. 

Approximately 5 2/3" long

White Bone Sticks with Amber colored glass beads.


White bone sticks with red fish beads & Dark Bone sticks with Light Green fish beads.
Fish beads available in red, blue, teal, light green and amber colored beads.

Bead colors available in purple, green, blue, white, black, red, amber (color, not real amber), pink or brown.

You can specify a mixture of colors such as white with black beads, purple with amber, etc., and whether you wish to have larger or smaller beads.

To use the PayPal shopping cart click on the links below. If you do not wish to use the PayPal system then follow this link to Contact Lady MacSnood/Order.

One Bone Hair Stick: $8.50 each

Stick Color
Bead Colors

Pair of  Bone Hair Sticks: $15.00 per pair 

Stick Color
Bead Colors

Cloisonné' Beads are also available in blue, white, red, and green.  Add $2.00 to the cost of each stick for cloisonné' beads.

One Bone Hair Stick with a Cloisonné' Bead: $10.50 each

Stick Color
Bead Colors

    Pair of Bone Hair Sticks with Cloisonné' Beads: $17.00 per pair

Stick Color
Bead Colors

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