Chenille Snoods-$25

These snoods are made of chenille like material made from rayon. There is an elastic band sewn in a pocket on the front of the snood which will hold the snood in place. These snoods need to be hand washed and lain flat to dry. They may be also worn like a hat, all the way forward to hide all hair (second picture) or you may wear them like a standard snood as shown in most of the pictures. 

I do not personally make these snoods but get them from a nice man who sews better than I do. My talent is crocheting and I leave the sewing to those better skilled than I. Because they are not made by me I cannot adjust size or length of the chenille snoods and they are one size fits most.  My friend who makes these is no longer carrying any color but black.  The colors listed in the Square ordering catalog are what I still have in stock but once they are gone I won't be able to get them anymore.  The woven ones have a basket like weave to the fabric rather than the basic chenille.


Black Chenille Snood

Black Chenille Snood

Black Chenille Snood.

Back of Blue Woven Chenille Snood

Back of Blue Woven Chenille to show the weave.


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