Metallic or Pearl Combination Snood

These snoods are made using the standard pattern with metallic combination thread or a pearl combination thread. Combination thread is the basic cotton thread in various colors with various colored metallic or pearl strands wrapped around the cotton thread similar to the way the red stripes wrap around a candy cane. Some colors are also available in nylon/metallic as well as cotton. If you don't see a color listed then it isn't available.

It's hard to see the effect of the combination thread in a photograph. The top two pictures were done with a digital camera and offer the best views. See below the pictures for more distinct examples of the colors available.

Snood made using Black/Silver Metallic Combination Thread.

Snood made with Ecru/Pearl Combination Thread.

  Snood using Red/Gold combination thread.

Gold/Gold Standard Snood

Metallic Combination Snood made with golden colored thread wound with gold metallic thread.

Metallic Combination Snood made with white and gold metallic thread.

Metallic Combination Snood made in dark green and gold metallic thread

Dark Green/Silver Now available. 

Metallic Combination Snood made in green and red metallic thread

Metallic Combination Snood made in blue and silver metallic thread

LIMITED TIME ONLY:  Metallic Combination Snood in Teal Blue and silver metallic thread.

I have been able to acquire some vintage crochet thread that is no longer being produced by the thread manufacturer.  Once this thread is gone unless I can find more that's it.  In addition to the Teal Blue/Silver I also have in limited quantities these colors though I don't have any pictures of them.

Dark Purple Variegated/Gold

You may order any of these limited edition threads in plain, beaded or fancy style and I will make them to order on a first come first served basis. Once the thread is gone I will pull it from the list. 


Black with Blue with Green with Ecru with Gold with Red with Scarlet with
Silver or silver Red or Gold Gold Green Silver
Gold Hunter Green with Hunter Green w/   Red with Silver with
Silver-- Gold   Gold Silver

White with Gold White with Red White with Green White with Silver

Available and now pictured here with a Pearl strand combination are:
White/Pearl, or Ecru/Pearl


See our metallic combination beaded page for full size pictures of some of the other color choices.

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