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Lady MacSnood is operated by Sara Dunham who is also known as Lady Halena MacBean in the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) which is a middle ages re-enactment group with branches throughout the U.S., Canada and parts of Europe. Because snoods made of quality material were rarely to be found in her area, she sought out a willing and able teacher who did teach her how to make them well. She found much to her delight that she enjoyed making them. Her snood-less friends seeing that her snoods were well constructed, as well as attractive did then start requesting that she make snoods for them also. She was encouraged to go into business selling her fine snoods since there were no snood merchants in her area, so being an enterprising Lady she began offering the snoods she so loved to make to the public as a service to all the other snoodless ladies out there.
Since Lady Halena's persona surname in the SCA and Sara Dunham's ancestral name is MacBean, her Hubby suggested she call her business Lady MacSnood for memerability sake, and wanting to make him feel good she took his suggestion. She has now been selling her fine hand made snoods at SCA events and Renaissance Fairs now since 1997. She has customers all over the United States and has sent snoods to four other continents and several other countries. Go to her Contact Page for outside US shipping information.

Her snoods have been worn by Alyssa Milano on her television show Charmed and grace the heads of Cinderella's Ladies in Waiting in the Disney Parade at their theme park in Florida. 

 Click here to see a picture of the Disney snoods.

To see pictures of two of the snoods that were worn by Alyssa on TV follow these links to the pictures she put on her website of them:

Burgundy Beaded Snood

Sage Beaded Snood

To order one for yourself go to the Fancy Beaded Snood page and scroll down to the Net Snood pictured there. The Net snoods that she wore were the adjustable cord style of Net Snood. 

If you wish to come see Lady MacSnood in person and choose from her wide variety of in stock items go to: Events Lady MacSnood is attending to find out what events she will be attending next.

Great Grandma Ella Corea wearing a snood with an attached bow.

Set up for Business at an SCA event.

Son, Dominic helping out our first Gulf Wars in Mississippi.

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