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What is a snood, anyway?

A snood, also known as a caul, is a beautiful headpiece which permits the hair to be displayed in a rich setting of colors, beads, or faux jewels; it might be considered a decorative hybrid between a hat and a hairnet. If the snood is constructed properly almost anyone can wear one; most snoods are one-size-fits-all. They were worn from the Middle Ages all the way into the mid-20th Century, and in some areas seem to be making a fashion comeback today.

Ladies and girls with shorter hair will find a snood gives the illusion of longer hair --the natural spherical shape adds fullness and body. In some eras the back of the snood would be stuffed with artificial hair or other material, giving the illusion of even fuller hair.

Longer-haired ladies will find they add comfort as well as beauty, getting the hair off the neck--especially beneficial in hot weather. Lady MacSnood has waist length hair of average thickness which will fit in a standard snood quite nicely. She does offer extra long snoods for ladies with longer or thicker hair.

Snoods are great for bad hair days. You just tuck it in and go. No muss, no fuss and it looks great! They are great for keeping the hair out of the way while working and are a wonderful accessory if you are riding on a motorcyle or in a convertible vehicle since they will help keep your hair in place despite the high wind.

Bun Covers and hair sticks are also available for a different look. The hair sticks work well with a bun cover or without. You might need to add a few hair pins as well to your bun cover depending on the size of the bun and your hair type.

Snood by definition:

snood\'snud\n -s [fr. (assumed) ME, fr. OE snod; akin to Old Gutnish snoth cord, OIr snath thread, OE noedl needle - more at NEEDLE] 1 a Scot: a fillet or band for the hair of a woman b : a net or fabric bag for confining a woman's hair pinned or tied at the back of the head and sometimes attached to the back edge of a hat.

snood (snood), n. (.<.AS. snod), a netlike bag worn at the back of a woman's head to hold the hair.

snood (snood) n. 1. A small netlike cap worn by women to keep the hair in place. 2. A headband or filet. -tr. v.

Navy Beaded Snood with Red beads on every other row Beaded Cinderella Snood in Black/Silver with Pearl Beads


Net Snood

Amara who is a dancer sent me this beautiful picture of her wearing one of my Net snoods.

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Bodice Set with Cloak Renaissance Men's Shirt

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