Lady MacSnood-Hair Snoods

Standard Snood (Two or more colors)

These snoods are made using the standard pattern using two or more colors.

To give you some ideas, they have been made in the colors of an SCA person's household colors, Kingdom or device colors, the colors from the flag of a lady's ancestral country, and the school colors of a child's school or whatever color combination your heart desires. See note below for warranty exception.

If you wish to use PayPal to order your items simply click the link below. Be sure to fill in the box that lets me know what colors of thread you want. There will also be a box when you go to check out through the PayPal shopping cart for you to enter "special instructions" and you can enter the order you want your colors in there. Your first color would be in the center of the snood and you'd go out from there. If you have any questions about this or do not wish to use PayPal you can use the Contact Lady MacSnood/Order form to place your order instead.

All Snoods on this page are $35 plus shipping and handling.

Multi Colored Shade of Blue Snood

Tri-Color Snood in three shades of blue.

Multi Colored Christmas Colors Hair Snood

Tri-Color Snood in Green/Red/White.

Multi Colored Blue and Yellow Snood

School Colors, alternating Yellow/blue, four different sections of changing color.

Due to the individual taste for multi-colored snoods these are not covered by my full money back warranty but only a 50% money back guarantee. If I make a snood in different colors and the person decides they don't like it and want to return the snood it will be difficult to resell if the colors are an unusual combination. I will of course refund fully if there is a fault with the workmanship but I cannot refund an unusual color combination just because someone decides they don't want the snood after all.

Color Choices  ( Enter up to 4)

Multi Colored Cotton Snood $35

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