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 Facts about Lady MacSnood Snoods

Lady MacSnood has been making and selling her fine hand crocheted snoods for over six years at SCA events and Renaissance Fairs in the United State as well as her website which has now been operational since 1997. She takes pride in her work and backs every snood made with a satisfaction guaranteed warranty. Her snoods are made by hand, constructed of the finest quality crochet cotton and/or metallic thread. The last row has elastic cord woven into it which helps it stay in place without the need for using hair pins. Ribbon can be used instead of the elastic cord for those who want a more historically authentic snood. Most people prefer the freedom of the elastic cord though since it's hardly noticeable once the snood is in place. They hold up well and keep their shape even after washing. The machine crocheted imported snoods are cheaper than a MacSnood Snood, but the nylon construction tends to grab strands of hair and pull them out of place, making them less comfortable and convenient to wear. Also, they just don’t last as long as a hand-crocheted MacSnood snood and tend to loose their shape rather quickly upon wearing them. A MacSnood Snood will keep it's shape well. My original snoods which are over 6 years old now still look great and have held their original shape despite repeated washings. The elastic cord will eventually loose it's elasticity but unlike the nylon machine made snoods it is a simple matter to replace the elastic in my snoods, (my children have been doing it for years for me). You'll find it at any fabric notions store for under $2.00 for 5 yards which will do several snoods.

Don't overlook the custom-made benefit of buying a MacSnood snood. Special orders are welcome. Snoods come in a variety of colors and color combinations. If your trying to match a certain outfit cloth swatches may be sent with your order and every effort will be made to match your snood with your gown. Some ladies prefer that their snoods match trim or jewelry. Snoods can be done in more than one color as well. Variegated Thread can also be used that have multiple colors on one spool making for an interesting effect. Fancy snoods are those with a more intricate pattern. Metallic Combo snoods are made from cotton crochet thread that has metallic thread wrapped around the cotton thread similar to the way the red stripes wrap around a candy cane.  We also offer snoods made from 3-ply all metallic thread as well. For those ladies with longer and/or thicker hair we also offer snoods in longer lengths than our standard snood.

If you just need a little decorative flourish for your hair, you can also order a bun-size snood, which is made to cover a bun. They also help keep those "fly-away strands" tucked in more neatly. The bun cover snoods will need a few hair pins or a hair stick to stay in place. Hair Sticks are also available in a variety of bead color choices and stick styles.

Sorry, but I do not sell snood patterns. 

Wedding Snoods

Snoods can make a beautiful and unique way to style the hair for wedding parties. I can custom make snoods for the bride and her attendants. The gold or silver metallic make beautiful bridal snoods and the attendants can have snoods made to match their gowns. Bridal party snoods need to be ordered at least a month to two months ahead of the actual date depending on the number of snoods needed. Contact me here to special order your wedding snoods.  

One popular request for a bridal snood is something I call a Short Net.   It's smaller than the standard snood and is worn at the nape of the neck over a chignon similar to a 1940's style. The prices for these vary depending on material and beads wanted so please email me if you want to order one for options and pricing. They generally run a bit less than the standard snood because they don't take as long to make since they are smaller.    











The MacSnood Warranty

If for any reason, you are not satisfied with your Lady MacSnood item, you may return it for a full refund within 30 days of purchase, with the exception of multiple colored special order snoods and double extra long or longer snoods that are returned for no fault in the workmanship. See the Multi-colored page for more information regarding these snoods. There is a 25% restocking fee for returns of those snoods due to their limited desire for re-sale later.

Privacy Policy

Protecting your privacy is a top priority for Lady MacSnood for this reason, we will not sell, trade or rent our customer lists and/or personal information to third parties for any reason.


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